The Sedgefield Plan

The Sedgefield Plan is a project that is aiming to establish our community’s preferences for how existing land and infrastructure should be used to enable controlled growth and development of housing, amenities and other facilities in the future.

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We are pleased to tell you that our neighbourhood plan, The Sedgefield Plan, which details how the community wants land to be used and developed in our area, has been approved by Independent Examiner Mr Robert Bryan to proceed to a community referendum. The community referendum will take place on Thursday 12th September 2019 and will be overseen by Durham County Council, who will be sending out postal votes or polling cards to everyone who is eligible to vote in Sedgefield Parish.

The referendum asks you to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following question on the ballot paper: “Do you want Durham County Council to use The Sedgefield Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the Sedgefield neighbourhood area?” If more people vote yes than no then Durham County Council will use The Sedgefield Plan to help it to determine future proposals relating to our parish. If more people vote no than yes, then planning applications will continue to be decided without referring to The Sedgefield Plan.

The Sedgefield Plan is the result of many years of work, shaped by a steering group that was made up of various community representatives, volunteers and residents who shared their knowledge, time and experience to develop a plan that represents the needs and wishes of our community. Throughout the process, there was regular consultation to make sure that residents supported the objectives and policies that were included in the plan.

Having a neighbourhood plan in place will allow the people of Sedgefield to play a formal and much stronger role in shaping development over the next 15 years. Planning authorities and potential developers will have to take it into account when drafting proposals or making decisions. Our plan will demonstrate that we have a strong community with a clear vision, and determination to play an active role in the development of our town. If the community gets behind The Sedgefield Plan by voting for it to become official, then our plan MUST be referred to as a statutory document that carries weight when decisions are made on future planning applications in Sedgefield. Mr Bryan’s report is available on Durham County Council’s website via the following link (click here). Durham County Council’s Basic Conditions Decision Statement can be viewed by clicking here and their full Decision Statement by clicking here.

Content: Neighbourhood Area Designation, Sedgefield Housing Prices 2015/16 & 2018/19

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Content: Local Profile (Demographics), History of Sedgefield’s Built Environment

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Content: Parking in Sedgefield NetPark Development, Strategy/TSP Meeting, DCC Spatial Policy Team Sedgefield Infrastructure Notes

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Content: 2014 Community Survey, 2014 Housing Site Preference Survey, 2014 Young Person’s Survey, Articles & Press Releases, Public Meetings TSP Meeting Minutes

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Content: Regulation 14: 02 04 2018 – 23 05 2018 Consultation Submissions and Response Letters, Natural England SEA & HRA Screening, Environment Agency SEA & HRA Screening

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Content: Maps, Sedgefield Borough Local Plan 1996, Draft Policies & Content of TSP, Formation of TSP Steering Group and Topic Groups, Former Draft County Durham Plan Documents, Planning Application Docs, 2014 Local Business Survey (Incomplete), Regulation 14 on Former Sedgefield Plan, TSP Meeting Agendas, TSP Preparation Quotes, Misc. Correspondence, Other Misc.

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